• vapor trail tech gauge sv650 race bike

    Trail Tech Vapor Motorcycle Speedo and Tach

    Whenever you change the front end on a motorcycle (typically for higher-grade forks) there is always the problem of what to do about the gauges and a speedometer. With our track-only SV-650 (with alternative Kawasaki ZX636 forks) finding a working gauge for a reasonable price seemed like an impossibility – that is until we discovered Trail Tech. Trail Tech is a ...
  • Ladies Tourmaster Cortech Leather Jacket

    Tour Master Ladies LNX Leather Jacket

    This jacket touts that it is “designed, patterned and styled specifically for women” and truly this jacket fulfills its promise! At the beginning of my riding career, there simply was not any women’s gear to choose from and as a result, I was left with wearing the smallest men’s motorcycle gear I could find. With time, the industry has finally ...
  • Arai RX-7 Corsair Fire and Ice Motorcycle Helmet

    Arai RX-7 Corsair Full Face Helmet Review

    We’ve probably all heard “if you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet” – I believe Bell Helmets even used that as their advertising campaign. But the Motorcycle Safety Foundation says that as long as helmet meets DOT standards it’s going to provide the same level of protection regardless of price point. So is there any reason to purchase ...
  • mark neale faster

    Faster Four-Disk Collectors Set

    The best modern motorcycle film just got better with the release of The Ultimate Collectors Edition DVD ($34.95) of Faster, Faster and Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid. The full monte collection comes with four DVD’s cram packed with even more great MotoGP stuff. If you haven’t seen Mark Neale’s Faster, Faster and Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky ...
  • Under Asian Skies Sam Maniciom

    Under Asian Skies by Sam Manicom

    Under Asian Skies picks up right where the Into Africa left off; with Manicom’s journey on a container ship with only five other passengers, somewhere in between Africa and Australia. After a stint in Australia and short medical stay in Germany, Manicom returned to re-start his Asian adventure in Bali with his bike ready to roll, a passenger/cost-sharing partner and ...
  • Alpinestars SG-1 Leather Suit

    Alpinestars SG-1 One-Piece Leather Suit

    Alpinestars SG-1 leather suit ($649 MSRP) is billed as an entry level street motorcycle leather suit and is priced accordingly, but it has the features you’d expect to find on much more expensive suits. 1.2 – 1.4 mm thick leather, removable mesh liner, multiple stitching for tear resistance, armor in the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and a “back protector compartment” ...
  • Kawasaki Z1000 British Columbia Sport Touring

    Tour Master Ladies Trinity Textile Jacket

    Finding quality ladies gear is a lot easier than it used to be. It wasn’t that long ago that the lady CanyonChasers were forced to look for the overly small men’s gear and deal with the frumpy shoulders and an overall bulky feel that did nothing for the feminine form. There are more options today, but many of them seem ...
  • Ducati Multistrada 1100

    Shift-Tech Carbon Fiber Hugger

    Why Pierre Terblanche decided the Multistrada did not need protection for the rear shock is beyond me. Leaving the precious rear suspension component exposed to road cheese and rocks flying off the top of the tire at speed double the bikes forward velocity was a serious oversight. I can only assume it was so overprotective new-bike owners (like myself) would ...
  • Dunlop D616 Pirelli Sync Ducati Multistrada

    Dunlop D616 vs Pirelli Sync Motorcycle Tire Comparison

    If you own one of the 17-inch shod quasi-dirt bikes, such as the Triumph Tiger 1050, Buell Ulysses or Ducati Multistrada, you probably want a tire that is a bit more capable of the occasional dirt road. I mean, if you have a bike that looks like it can tackle the occasional dirt road, it’s nice to think that your ...
  • Triumph Tiger 1050 Test Ride and Review

    Triumph Tiger 1050 Test Ride and Review

    So, back when I bought the Suzuki V-Strom, what I was really after was a tall, comfortable road bike that was fun to ride. I had no delusions of it being a dirt bike. Well, maybe a little delusion…but a couple of dirt rides over some pretty gnarly terrain cured me of that right quick. Yet, the VStrom is a ...