• 1988 Honda Hawk GT Review

    The Amazing Honda Hawk GT NT650

    The Honda Hawk GT holds a very special place in my heart. It was the first bike that truly captured my attention and my imagination. It was, for the most part, a sales flop in the United States, but the fact that it has turned into a wildly popular cult bike tells me that the design was ahead of its ...
  • Bridgestone BT023 Tire Review

    Bridgestone BT-023 Sport Touring Tire Test

    While most sport-touring tires tend to be “sport” based tires with added features to help them last longer, Bridgestone has always taken the opposite approach by taking a touring tire and modify them to provide the greatest amount of grip. This thinking made the BT-021 one of our favorite long-life tires. While most “sport-touring” tires from other manufacturers would be ...
  • Sam Manicom Distant Suns

    Distant Suns by Sam Manicom

    This could easily be Manicom’s best book yet! I was riveted right from the very beginning and enjoyed every minute of the 3-year adventure the book details; containing a little bit of everything, from Africa to South America, a few short break downs and a handful of hospital stays in between. The adventures start with Africa but for only about ...
  • Continental Road Attack 2 Tire Test Review

    Continental Road Attack 2 Sport Touring Tire Review

    Sport Touring riders tend to be highly proficient riders (i.e. we like to go quick), yet we ride on a wide array of surfaces ranging from crumbling asphalt to pristine concrete and we ride in any kind of weather from bitter cold, torrential downpours to sweltering heat. But, at the same time, we Sport Touring riders need the tire to ...
  • Grease Ninja Chain Lube Assistant

    Grease Ninja Chain Lube Assistant

    Oddly enough, one of the most common products we get sent here at CanyonChasers have something to do with chains and chain maintenance. We never fully realized how much people must hate taking care of their chains. Now, granted, most of these products are so bad and so cumbersome that they rarely make it onto the site, but the most ...
  • skwoosh motorcycle gel pad on a ducati monster

    Skwoosh Gel Seat Pad

    The motorcycle seat usually carries most of the rider’s weight, so it has a significant impact on rider comfort. However, this is an area where motorcycle manufacturers tend to fall short. If you take a test ride, ride mostly around town, or take short day rides, you probably won’t take particular notice of the seat. Motorcycle characteristics such as riding ...
  • Ducati 848 Power Commander Race Track

    DynoJet Power Commander and Optimizer

    Modern motorcycles are nothing short of amazing. Traction control, slipper clutches, variable valve timing; bikes have become so good their power and performance seem to be limited primarily by legislation. EPA/Environmental laws that dictate how much “stuff” is allowed out of the exhaust pipe, in the form of noise, CO, CO 2, soot or hydrocarbons become the limiting factors to ...
  • Timbuk2 Messenger bag on a motorcycle

    Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

    Motorcyclists and cyclists have more in common than many of each group probably wants to admit, and as such there’s quite a bit of gear that translates between the two activities. One such item that has become one of our favorites is the Messenger Bag. Ruck’s (or backback’s as us Yanks call ‘em) are miserable. Because your arms are reaching ...
  • Continental Sport Attack Tire Test Review Multistrada Race Track

    Continental Sport Attack Revised Hypersport Tire

    Still somewhat unfamiliar to most Americans, Continental Tire has been involved in rubber manufacture since 1871. They re-attacked the motorcycle world with force in 2004 and moved their Road Attack to the top of the uber-competitive sport touring tire heap. We unabashedly called the Road Attack one of the best sport touring tires money could buy. Soon after the Sport ...
  • SV650 Army Green Race Bike

    Continental Race Attack Street Tire Review

    There is a lot more to a tire than all-out grip. Carcass construction, profile and a myriad of other factors all need to come together in order for a tire to have much value. Continental has proven its ability to make a good tire; their Road Attack, we feel, raised the bar for Sport-Touring/Road tires and the Sport Attack is ...