• riding motorcycling during fall colors

    I Was Wrong

    What I learned from Champ U One of the frustrations with what I try to do is some people criticize or dismiss a life saving technique, saying it’s not applicable to them because it’s a “race track technique”  What if I told you, that by implementing some race-track techniques, you could keep riding the exact same speed you are riding ...
  • Sam Manicom Distant Suns

    Distant Suns by Sam Manicom

    This could easily be Manicom’s best book yet! I was riveted right from the very beginning and enjoyed every minute of the 3-year adventure the book details; containing a little bit of everything, from Africa to South America, a few short break downs and a handful of hospital stays in between. The adventures start with Africa but for only about ...
  • SLEDNECKS minor details blood sweat and tires

    Minor Details | Blood, Sweat, and Tires

    First, SLEDNECKS (all caps) is primarily a video production and apparel and outer-wear company focusing mostly on snowmobile kit. A few years ago they started getting more involved in motorcycles. (The name makes more sense now, ehy?) They sponsor a snowmobile race team, and more recently a motorcycle race team, which brings us to our review. Minor Details (MSRP $29.95, 80 ...
  • mark neale faster

    Faster Four-Disk Collectors Set

    The best modern motorcycle film just got better with the release of The Ultimate Collectors Edition DVD ($34.95) of Faster, Faster and Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid. The full monte collection comes with four DVD’s cram packed with even more great MotoGP stuff. If you haven’t seen Mark Neale’s Faster, Faster and Faster and The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky ...
  • Under Asian Skies Sam Maniciom

    Under Asian Skies by Sam Manicom

    Under Asian Skies picks up right where the Into Africa left off; with Manicom’s journey on a container ship with only five other passengers, somewhere in between Africa and Australia. After a stint in Australia and short medical stay in Germany, Manicom returned to re-start his Asian adventure in Bali with his bike ready to roll, a passenger/cost-sharing partner and ...
  • Sam Manicom Into Africa

    Into Africa by Sam Manicom

    Into Africa takes off full blast into a crazy motorcycle adventure with nothing more than a short introduction describing Manicom’s decision to learn to ride a motorcycle, before he jumps head-first into riding into the throat of Africa. Within the first couple of pages, he ends up in an accident in Tanzania that leaves Manicom sitting in a jail cell ...
  • Glen Heggstad

    Two Wheels Through Terror by Glen Heggstad

    While the thought of riding through South America sounds like great fun, I can’t imagine wanting to do it solo. And while I’ve heard Columbia is a strikingly beautiful country, I can’t imagine wanting to ride a motorcycle through the tumultuous nation. However, riding solo through South America and even Columbia is exactly what moto nut Glen Heggstad set out ...
  • Lois Pryce Lois on the Loose

    Lois on the Loose by Lois Pryce

    We must confess that had we seen this book sitting on the shelves, we probably wouldn’t have given it a second look. It’s cheesy, cartoon cactus back-dropping a photo-chopped outline of a gal wearing a BSA t-shirt astride a 225cc Serow does not scream “pick me up and read me”. (Not that we have any kind of aversion to attractive ...
  • Long Way Round Ewan McGregor Charley Borman

    Long Way Round | Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman

    After reading the book, Long Way Round, documenting Ewan McGregor and Charlie Borman’s global circumnavigation, we here at corporate CanyonChasers [the wife and I] decided that we really wanted to see the television program. When Ewan and Charlie (we feel we’ve gotten to know them so well that we’re now on a first name basis)When Ewan and Charlie did their three ...