• motorcycle couple riding together

    Ensure a Smooth Ride With A Buddy/Spouse

    Motorcycling is an individual sport, often done collectively.  A lot of us enjoy the camaraderie riding with pals, but sharing that experience poses a whole new batch of challenges.   Riding alone, it’s easy to just want to push to the next town two-hours away, or wake up before the sun is over the horizon and ride an hour to breakfast, ...
  • Motorcycle hitting a perfect apex

    Why Street Riders Need This Track School

    Street riders sometimes think that a track-based riding school wouldn’t be applicable to them, and in many cases, they are correct. But after taking the online Champ U online courses, I suspected that the Yamaha Champions Riding School might be different. So we made our way to Inde Motorsports Ranch to see for ourselves. In this video, I’ll discuss why ...
  • riding motorcycling during fall colors

    I Was Wrong

    What I learned from Champ U One of the frustrations with what I try to do is some people criticize or dismiss a life saving technique, saying it’s not applicable to them because it’s a “race track technique”  What if I told you, that by implementing some race-track techniques, you could keep riding the exact same speed you are riding ...
  • innovv k5 motorcycle dashcam

    Innovv K5 Installation and Review

    Dashcam’s are cars have basically become a necessity for many drivers largely because they help cut down on insurance fraud. But when it comes to motorcycles, a lot of riders tend to ride with a simple GoPro. But a company called Innovv has been working to change that. Their Innovv K5 dashcam features front and rear cameras, microphone, 5HZ GPS ...
  • motorcycle christmas

    Gift Ideas for Motorcycle Riders Starting at $10

    Before getting started we should quickly mention what not to buy the motorcyclist in your life.  Avoid buying them oil, tires, chain lube, helmets, visors, gloves or any riding gear as a general rule.  We, motorcyclists, are incredibly fickle about such things so unless you know exactly the size and type of kit they want, don’t do it. Fit is ...
  • NCY Rear Shock Review

    Yamaha Zuma NCY Rear Shock Review

    The Yamaha Zuma YW50 2-stroke scooter has always brought me a lot of joy and has been the subject of a lot of upgrades, some for performance and some that I thought were funny. But one thing I’ve never been able to solve was a reasonably priced option to upgrade the rear shock and one that actually works. Freaking scooters ...
  • Tools you need for your motorcycle

    Tools You Need for your Motorcycle

    Even if you are not really into working on your bike, every rider should know how to do a few fundamental tasks. Stick around we are going to show you a few things we’ve found over the years that make these basic tasks easier. Every rider should know how to check tire pressure, lube a chain, adjust a chain, remove ...
  • DSS Tool 44 Ducati Crankshaft Turning Tool

    DSSales Tool44 Ducati Crankshaft Turning Tool

    Adjusting valves on your Ducati may not be for everyone, but if you take this task on there are a few things that will make the job a lot easier. A top quality set of feeler gauges is a must, but a tool to turn the engine over, setting it to top dead center makes it a lot easier. Sure, ...
  • AGV AX-8 Dual Evo Helmet Review

    AGV AX-8 Dual Evo Helmet Test and Review

    II’ve been wanting to try one of those cool ADV helmets with the neat dirt-bike style brim ever since watching Ewan and Charley ride around the world. I finally got one! And I’ve been riding around in it all summer. So, the AX-8 started life as a dirt bike helmet, but it was so popular that AGV basically drilled two ...
  • Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Tool

    Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Tool

    Bikes with single-sided swingarms may not be all that common, but even less common are quality chain adjustment “spanner” tools. Some bikes will come with a chintzy stamped spanner in the tool kit. But some bikes don’t even give you that (Ducati). Dennis Stubblefield Sales is an american manufacturer of motorsport specialty tools – mostly flywheel pullers and stuff like ...