• Mystery Motorcycle in the back of a Toyota Tacoma Picup

    Track Bike Build // Episode One

    So, I did a thing! I’ve actually been working on this deal for several months now, I went out and scoured the internets, classifieds and even salvage bike sites looking for this specific bike because I think, this bike, hiding under the sheet right here, is one of the most significant bikes of our era. And today it starts. Today. ...
  • How to Mount and Balance a Motorcycle Tire

    How I Change My Tires In My Garage

    So, after the “Lighter Wheels” video, I got a lot of questions asking how I’m changing my own tires, in my own garage. So that’s what this video is about. Today, I’m going to show you how I change; mount and balance my own tires, in my own garage, because having the ability to change your own tires really opens ...
  • Do lighter wheels matter?

    Are Lighter Wheels Better?

    If the marketing kitsch is to be believed lighter wheels are better in every way shape or form. So, we’re going to take our 848 and we’re going to replace the cast wheels with a set of forged wheels. What’s the difference? Well, a cast wheel is when they take molten aluminum and they pour it into a mold cast ...
  • 31

    How To Winterize Your Motorcycle

    Yeah, winter sucks. Mostly because the roads are covered with snow and Ice.  It’s cold. Most of us are suffering with PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome). So, what should we do to help our bikes deal with winter? There still seems to be this idea that a great way to take care of your bike during those cold winter months is ...
  • Worn out motorcycle tire cords showing

    Are Your Motorcycle Tires Worn Out?

    How to tell if your motorcycle tires are worn out. We go over the three key factors that contribute to tire wear. Tread depth, tire age and heat cycles. But as an added bonus, we have a Tire Mileage Calculator to help you determine how long your tires may last. Here are some things that will help you determine if ...
  • Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Ducati

    How To Adjust the Chain on a Single Sided Swingarm

    The Single Sided Swingarms isn’t new to the motorcycle world, in fact, it was first used in 1948. But it was refined to facilitate fast tire changes in Endurance Racing. We cover all that, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the chain on a bike equipped with a Single Sided Swingarm. Not much extra is actually needed ...
  • Ducati Mushy Rear Brake

    How To Fix The Multistrada 1200 Rear Brakes

    The Ducati Multistrada 1200 rear brakes are terrible. It’s a well-documented gripe. While we’ve seen (and tried) dozens of different solutions that claim to solve the mushy rear brake on the Multi-12, none of them have ever actually worked for us. Thanks to some insider information, we were able to identify exactly why the rear brake sucks and then find ...
  • Dirty Ducati Multistrada

    How To Wash and Detail Your Motorcycle

    One of the very first times Mike came over to the house, his bike was astonishingly filthy. The paint looked okay, but the rest of the bike was downright grungy. When I offered to help him clean it with all the supplies I had on hand, he said okay, but as soon as I pulled out the garden hose he ...
  • Ducati 848 Superbike 180/60 race tires track

    Install 180/60 Race Tires on Ducati 848 Superbike

    The 848 is a brilliant street bike, but an even better track/race bike. However, as time has marched on, one glaring limitation of the 848 has reared its head. Rear tire fitments. This isn’t an issue if your 848 lives on the street as a canyon carver or state-street queen. But if your 848 lives on closed circuits, this is ...
  • fast blinking led turn signals fix

    How to Fix Fast-Flashing LED Turnsignals

    LED is all rage these days, but there is an obscure law that requires all motorcycles imported to the US to have incandescent rear turn-signals. Yes, it’s a ridiculous law, particularly with LED signals being brighter and less susceptible to damage from vibration. There are scads of LED turn signal options to choose from. So many that it’s hard to ...