• Trick to find neutral on a motorcycle shifter shift shaft support

    Impossible to Find Neutral? Use this Trick!

    There are lots of reasons why a motorcycle might be hard to get into neutral, hard to shift, and one of them may be just that your cable needs to be adjusted, or you need a new cable. If it’s a hydraulic clutch, the hydraulic fluid might be dirty, just needs to be bled out. It could be the adjustment ...
  • Washing a motorcycle in the driveway

    How to Wash/Detail A Motorcycle

    I really like to put the motorcycle up two stands so I can spin both wheels, to clean the wheels. Because, to me, clean wheels are like a clean floor in your house. When you clean the floor, the whole house looks clean. It’s important you put the bike in the shade, not in the sun. Don’t ever let anything ...
  • KTM RC390 Cup RR. RC 3C

    Track Bike Build // Series Finale

    The KTM RC390 is a lot of wonderful things. Powerful is not one of them. In this final episode we install lots of exciting new parts, rear sets, a race airbox, a full exhaust system, and even make some cooling modifications to make it more capable of dealing with engine heat. We top it all off with some custom Dyno ...
  • KTM RC 390 Cup Bike Build

    Track Bike Build // Episode Five

    Suspension Upgrades and Final Assembly We install Andreani Cartridges Kit and a K-Tech Razor R rear shock on our KTM 390 then it’s time for the final assembly as we get close to finishing our track bike build. Domino Hand Grips Swingarm Spools KTM Fork Sliders Case Guards Front Brake Rotor Driven Triple Clamp Diet Plan (Weight Loss Spreadsheet)
  • motorcycle cheap ebay bodywork

    Track Bike Build // Episode Four

    Is eBay Bodywork Any Good? We took a chance on our KTM 390 Track Bike Build and ordered some track/race bodywork from eBay. Hand made stuff straight from a guys garage in Thailand. Pete X Shop. Find out how it goes.
  • KTM 390 Valve Adjustment

    Track Bike Build // Episode Three

    Hang out in the garage while we try to access the valve train on our KTM RC 390 project bike as we get one step closer to getting this bike ready for it’s new life as a track bike.
  • KTM RC390 No Bodywork

    Track Bike Build // Episode Two

    Join us as we begin transforming our modest street KTM RC 390 into a venerable little track bike. We’ll begin by removing all the bodywork. Do you think we can make it look like a KTM RC 8C? We strip away all the unnecessary street fairings. We are also putting the little KTM bike on a diet. We’re going to ...
  • Mystery Motorcycle in the back of a Toyota Tacoma Picup

    Track Bike Build // Episode One

    So, I did a thing! I’ve actually been working on this deal for several months now, I went out and scoured the internets, classifieds and even salvage bike sites looking for this specific bike because I think, this bike, hiding under the sheet right here, is one of the most significant bikes of our era. And today it starts. Today. ...
  • How to Mount and Balance a Motorcycle Tire

    How I Change My Tires In My Garage

    So, after the “Lighter Wheels” video, I got a lot of questions asking how I’m changing my own tires, in my own garage. So that’s what this video is about. Today, I’m going to show you how I change; mount and balance my own tires, in my own garage, because having the ability to change your own tires really opens ...
  • Do lighter wheels matter?

    Are Lighter Wheels Better?

    If the marketing kitsch is to be believed lighter wheels are better in every way shape or form. So, we’re going to take our 848 and we’re going to replace the cast wheels with a set of forged wheels. What’s the difference? Well, a cast wheel is when they take molten aluminum and they pour it into a mold cast ...