• we don't fully understand how motorcycles work

    How Do Motorcycles Actually Turn

    Countersteering is probably the most misunderstood concepts in motorcycling. When I was learning to ride, it was widely dismissed. Then when I became a riding instructor, it was believed that it only worked above a certain speed. Now we know that it works at every speed. So it’s often cited as the one perfect solution to every cornering problem. Running ...
  • Motorcycle Leaning in a corner on a road in bad condition

    Learn How to Gain Confidence In Your Tires

    You want to be able to trust your tires? Yeah? You want to know what it feels like to be able to lean into a corner or go to the brakes and know they will stick. Tires are crazy complicated things that are constantly being improved. Nothing improved the quality of the motorcycle riding experience quite like the insane improvements ...
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    Stop Getting Scared in Corners

    What if I told you that what you read on the internet, or maybe what you were taught was totally wrong? What if us as a motorcycle community have been looking at corner entrance the wrong way? Let me show you what I mean. We are on the most epic road in all of America. This is Beartooth Pass. Highway ...
  • Tire Damping

    87% of Riders Don’t Understand This

    You’ve been thinking about your tires the wrong way.  I know we get all caught up in compounds and carcass construction and all that, but that misses the most important thing about tires.    Now, it’s pretty well understood, or at least it should be, that tires are the most important part of your motorcycle. It’s the last thing we ...
  • New Rider Mistakes

    Five Mistakes Made By New Riders

    I’ve been a professional motorcycle coach since the year 2000. And these are some of the biggest mistakes I see new riders make that slow down and sometimes even stop their learning progress.Advice from the wrong people, or the right advice at the wrong time. It’s important to know who you’re listening to and who to ignore. So, why should ...
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    Are You Discouraged About Your Riding?

    Learning to ride a motorcycle at a high level of proficiency is challenging and so many of us struggle maintaining our motivation in the face of challenges.
  • ride your motorcycle based on speed and direction

    The Riding Technique Only Expert Riders Understand

    I can go through the exact same corner a thousand times, and it will be slightly different each and every time. Maybe the wind pushed me into it a little wider, a little faster. Maybe my tires are fresh and grippy or worn and tired. It’s hot, it’s cold, there’s a layer of debris from a recent rain shower. I ...
  • motorcycle riding a steep downhill corner

    How to Master Downhill Corners

    You might’ve seen a downhill corner and been filled with dread. That certainly was the case for me. But now, these are some of my favorite corners on the road. So, what is the trick to make a steep, nasty, downhill, blind, decreasing radius corner so much fun, instead of sucky? Why is an uphill corner such a gas while ...
  • motorcycle riding a corner at sunrise

    Be Afraid of This Motorcycle Technique

    One motorcycle riding technique that we need to be afraid of
  • Motorcycle on Chief Joseph Highway

    Three Steps to Defeat Riding Fear

    Fear is holding all of us back. Fear prevents us from becoming the riders we want to be. So what is fear exactly? Well, fear comes from our amygdala. Our lizard brain. You know, that little thing at the base of your skull that starts to tingle when you turn off all the lights in the basement. What’s really interesting ...