• Motorcycle on Chief Joseph Highway

    Three Steps to Defeat Fear

    Fear is holding all of us back. Fear prevents us from becoming the riders we want to be. So what is fear exactly? Well, fear comes from our amygdala. Our lizard brain. You know, that little thing at the base of your skull that starts to tingle when you turn off all the lights in the basement. What’s really interesting ...
  • Motorcycle trail braking

    The Always, Onlys and Nevers of Motorcycling

    We hear it all the time in our sport. Always do this, never do that, the only way is this way. So I was having a conversation with my buddy Scott about this recently where we were asking each other, what are the always, onlys and nevers of riding. We each would try to come up with an absolute and ...
  • New Rider Not Covering the Brakes

    One Simple Habit To Reduce Reaction Times

    Faster Reaction Times, More Confidence and Better Braking There are two main things that are killing us as riders. The first is running wide in corners.  The second one is intersections. One of the problems with a lot of basic rider programs is they don’t necessarily teach us how to become an experienced rider. The vast majority of beginner riding programs ...
  • Motorcycle hitting a perfect apex

    Why Street Riders Need This Track School

    Street riders sometimes think that a track-based riding school wouldn’t be applicable to them, and in many cases, they are correct. But after taking the online Champ U online courses, I suspected that the Yamaha Champions Riding School might be different. So we made our way to Inde Motorsports Ranch to see for ourselves. In this video, I’ll discuss why ...
  • Mountain Biking on a Ridge

    One Exercise Changed Everything

    Over the years there have been three specific things that fundamentally improved my riding in a dramatic way.  The first was learning how far I needed to look down the road, what I needed to be looking at and looking for. Using vision as a way to slow down time, time that is used to make a plan for every ...
  • riding motorcycling during fall colors

    I Was Wrong

    What I learned from Champ U One of the frustrations with what I try to do is some people criticize or dismiss a life saving technique, saying it’s not applicable to them because it’s a “race track technique”  What if I told you, that by implementing some race-track techniques, you could keep riding the exact same speed you are riding ...
  • 11

    Was Your Riding Instructor Wrong?

    So, I’m not going to lie. I’m in a bit of a mood. I’m growing really tired of all the news reports and all the posts on Reddit of riders running wide in corners and either running into oncoming traffic or running off the road.  Running wide in corners is one of the top causes of motorcycle crashes.    So you ...
  • Ducati Multistrada in a Corner

    Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Riding

    So, you’ve decided to do this!  You are going to learn to ride a motorcycle.  Or perhaps you’re just moto-curious. What should you expect?  What challenges are you going to face?  What are some of the things I wish I knew before I learned to ride? First I’m stoked that you are here!  Learning to ride a motorcycle is an ...
  • see everything motorcycle vision strategy HUD

    See Everything | Look at Nothing

    Have you struggled with where to look, how far ahead you are supposed to look? Have you struggled with target fixation? I’m sure that all of you have heard, "keep your eyes up". But that phrase is a huge oversimplification of an incredibly complex process.
  • motorcycle cornering

    A Better Way to Corner

    There is a better way to corner a motorcycle than the way you may have been taught in your basic rider course. We'll focus on a much more efficient and less risky way to get a motorcycle around a corner.