• see everything motorcycle vision strategy HUD

    See Everything | Look at Nothing

    Have you struggled with where to look, how far ahead you are supposed to look? Have you struggled with target fixation? I’m sure that all of you have heard, "keep your eyes up". But that phrase is a huge oversimplification of an incredibly complex process.
  • Motorcycle Scared in Corners

    How I Stopped Being Scared in Corners

    I almost gave up on motorcycling, a culmination of struggles led to a single moment that had me ready to hang up my helmet and taking up knitting instead.  What happened? What did I learn from this experience? It’s story time on this episode of moto-philosophy. I remember the corner like it was yesterday.  It was a gentle, downhill, slightly ...
  • motorcycle crash

    There Are Two Kinds of Riders

    There are those who have crashed and those who will crash.   I really hate this saying. Like, I get the point it’s trying to make.  Motorcycling is high risk. Very high risk. I’d argue that motorcycling can’t even be done safely. I’d even say that Safety is an Illusion.   In 1940 Helen Keller published the book, Let Us Have ...