• Triumph 955i valve adjustment

    Triumph t955i Valve Adjustment Tips & Tricks

    Designed less to be a step-by-step instruction, this will hopefully give you a few tips and tricks to help you in your first valve adjustment on your modern triple, besides you should have the service manual for the finite details anyway. Unfortunately, adjusting the valves on the Triumph triple motor is the most difficult valve adjustment I have ever done. ...
  • Honda Hawk GT Cush Drive Rubber

    Single-Sided Swingarm Cush Drive Replacement

    The cush drive is designed to reduce stress from engine torque damaging other components during gear or throttle changes. A common design used by almost all street motorcycles, it has three major pieces: the wheel, the sprocket assembly, and the rubber damper. The wheel and the sprocket assembly fit together with five sections much like two hands woven together. In ...
  • Basic Motorcycle Repair

    Should You Work On Your Own Motorcycle

    Doing the maintenance on your own motorcycle can be very rewarding. It allows you to understand your bike better, and it helps you understand why something fails and what could be the culprit, plus you gain a more intimate understanding of your bike. Talk to anybody who has done a lot of maintenance or customized their bike. They talk about ...
  • polly heated grips motorcycle install

    How to Install Motorcycle Internal Heated Grips

    There are several options for heated grips. Three come immediately to mind. Undergrip (read how to install this style of heated grips); the kind where you wrap some heating elements beneath the rubber handgrips. Overgrip; the kind Kris and I have been using for the past year where a bulky heated fabric wraps around the outside of the handgrips. And the grips themselves; ...
  • how to install motorcycle heated grips

    How To Install Motorcycle Heated Grips

    So, you are more than just a fair weather rider, or you ride in an area, such as Utah, where a days riding could send you from triple-digit heat to snow-on-the-side-of-the-road cold. Carrying multiple pairs of gloves is a pain, besides you have to stop to swap them out, and if it warms up, you have to stop and repeat ...