• so many motorcycle accessories

    Motorcycle Power Relay and Distribution Block

     If you run any accessories on your bike, including electric gear like heated vests and heated grips, or even toys like GPS devices or radar detectors, hooking them up to the bike is always a challenge. The GPS could run off batteries, but the heated stuff has to run off the bikes power. If you hook things up directly to ...
  • How to install a new motorcycle chain

    How to Install a New Motorcycle Chain

    How do you know when your chain needs to be replaced? Go to your rear sprocket and pull straight back on the chain. If your chain pulls away from the sprockets by much, it is probably stretched out. If the chain does not pull away and stays right on the sprocket, then the chain is not stretched out yet. Also, ...
  • How to Clean and Lube a Motorcycle Chain

    How to Clean and Lube a Motorcycle Chain

    Chain Lube So now that we’ve established chain maintenance is probably a good idea, where should we start? Like all things mechanical, let’s start with lubrication. You should lube your chain every 500 miles of riding. There are many types of lube available; everything from basic wax, foaming wax, conventional lube to foaming conventional lube. Different lubes will provide different ...
  • BMW Saddlebag Retention Hack

    BMW Saddlebag Retention Hack

    On most every Oil-Head BMW and many K-Bikes with the plastic saddlebags, the L-Bracket inside the lock mechanism is very fragile. Once it breaks, there is nothing securing the bags to the motorcycle. All it takes is one good bump and your luggage will be skittering down the highway. While the BMW part is around $200, you can still prevent ...
  • Brembo M50 Front Brake Caliper Multistrada 1200 Upgrade

    Multistrada 1200 Front Brake Caliper Upgrade

    For whatever reason, Ducati used Monster 696 calipers on the heavier and much more powerful Multistrada 1200. While these calipers work fine on the Monsters and Hypermotards, they have some design flaws that make them less than ideal for the Multi. We’ll go through the process of upgrading to the much more powerful Brembo M50 or Brembo M4 monoblock calipers ...
  • How to Bleed Motorcycle Brakes

    How to Bleed Brakes on a Motorcycle

    Just like every other fluid on your motorcycle, your brake fluid needs to be changed periodically, plus, if you are dealing with a spongy brake feel, you may have air in your brake lines. We’ll walk through several techniques on how to bleed brakes, including how to bleed brakes on a motorcycle with ABS, and how to bleed brakes after ...
  • Motorcycle Coolant Flush

    How to Flush the Radiator and Change the Coolant

    Just like every other fluid on your motorcycle, your coolant needs to be changed periodically. At least every two years. What’s more, ist hat many trackday providers require that all the glycol be removed from your cooling system. We’ll explain the differences in coolant, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and products with no glycol, then walk you step-by-step, through the process ...
  • how to replace motorcycle brake pads

    How to Change Motorcycle Brake Pads

    Yes, brakes just slow you down, man, and we are sure glad they do. It’s been said that the fastest motorcyclists use their brakes the most; a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with. But brakes wear out, even if the brake material isn’t worn completely away, you may still be due for a new set of pads. Fear not, getting new ...
  • How to remove and replace a front wheel

    How to Remove and Replace a Front Wheel

    You can save a lot of money on tire changes if you bring the wheel to your local motorcycle shop. Most shops will actually mount a new tire for free if the wheel is off the bike. So, even though there seems to be a lot going on at your front wheel, removing and replacing it is actually pretty straight ...
  • motorcycle chain adjustment alignment

    How to Adjust and Align a Motorcycle Chain

    Your chain needs to be adjusted properly. Of course, your owner’s manual will have exact requirements for your bike, but the rule of thumb is about 1 to 1.5 inches of slack. But what does that mean and why is that important? Slack is how much the chain will move up and down freely at a point halfway between the ...