Track Bike Build // Series Finale


The KTM RC390 is a lot of wonderful things. Powerful is not one of them. In this final episode we install lots of exciting new parts, rear sets, a race airbox, a full exhaust system, and even make some cooling modifications to make it more capable of dealing with engine heat. We top it all off with some custom Dyno Tuning.

  • Air Box:
  • Power Commander:
  • Quick Shifter:
  • Quick Shifter Shaft:
  • Tyga Rear Sets:
  • Tyga WSS300 Race Exhaust:
  • Exhaust Spring Hook:

Diet Plan (Weight Loss Spreadsheet):


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  1. Johan Ballin 27 April, 2023 at 06:16 Reply

    I found your video on YouTube – superinspiring! I currently track a 2019 KTM 790 Duke and love it but want something smaller for next year which will mark my first year racing AFM. What truly inspired me is the fact that everyone says the RC390 is underpowered and not much can be done. Everyone tells me I should get the Ninja 400 but I hate the “noodly” soft feeling, how fugly it is, and how everyone seems to have one. And when I say everyone I don’t mean the people who are all opinion and no fact. The naysayers are reputable people who tune, race, and organize track days. Many of them have tried the RC390. The only one who likes it is a buddy at MotoXotica in Los Angeles, although he’s 130 lbs! Everyone loves the looks but says it’s slow. Your video inspired me to prove them all wrong. I’m gong to buy one and build according to your specs. I may choose Competition Werkes decat as it will a racing only bike and never see a street. Thanks! // Johan

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