• Continental Road Attack Tire Test

    Continental Road Attack Sport Touring Tire Test

    I must admit a level of trepidation over testing a set of Continental motorcycle tires. In the past, my only context with Continental tires had to do with London motorcycle messengers choosing them because they wear like iron. However, I was given reassurance such as “they are one of the top selling tires in Europe ” and “They are rumored ...
  • Triumph SPeed Triple 955i Race Track Test Review

    Triumph Speed Triple 955i Review

    After one full year of ownership, and 13,000 miles, I feel like I can finally give a fair and complete review of the Triumph Speed Triple. In late 2003, a fellow MSF instructor picked up a used 2000 S3. Knowing that I’ve always loved the look of the bike, goofy dual headlights and all — I always thought it looked ...