• Glen Heggstad

    Two Wheels Through Terror by Glen Heggstad

    While the thought of riding through South America sounds like great fun, I can’t imagine wanting to do it solo. And while I’ve heard Columbia is a strikingly beautiful country, I can’t imagine wanting to ride a motorcycle through the tumultuous nation. However, riding solo through South America and even Columbia is exactly what moto nut Glen Heggstad set out ...
  • Army Green SV650 Dunlop Sportmax Tire

    Dunlop Qualifier Hypersport Motorcycle Tire Review

    The Dunlop Qualifier was never really on my list of tires to have. I’ve run several Dunlop sport tires of yesteryear and never really felt much love for them. I always felt like the profile was too tippy and the wear too rapid and the front tire too prone to cupping to really fall in love with the Dunlop. And ...
  • Lois Pryce Lois on the Loose

    Lois on the Loose by Lois Pryce

    We must confess that had we seen this book sitting on the shelves, we probably wouldn’t have given it a second look. It’s cheesy, cartoon cactus back-dropping a photo-chopped outline of a gal wearing a BSA t-shirt astride a 225cc Serow does not scream “pick me up and read me”. (Not that we have any kind of aversion to attractive ...
  • Long Way Round Ewan McGregor Charley Borman

    Long Way Round | Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman

    After reading the book, Long Way Round, documenting Ewan McGregor and Charlie Borman’s global circumnavigation, we here at corporate CanyonChasers [the wife and I] decided that we really wanted to see the television program. When Ewan and Charlie (we feel we’ve gotten to know them so well that we’re now on a first name basis)When Ewan and Charlie did their three ...
  • Lustrelab

    LustreLab Total Bike Care

    Where most cleaning products available are designed for automobiles, LustreLab designed their new TBC (Total Bike Care) specifically for motorcycles. Designed to deal with vastly different surfaces, from delicate rubber hoses, seals and gaskets to precious paint, LusterLab promises that their product is a one-step cleaner. Strong enough for degreasing duties, gentle enough for painted surfaces, only leaving behind a streak-free protective ...
  • Continental Road Attack Tire Test

    Continental Road Attack Sport Touring Tire Test

    I must admit a level of trepidation over testing a set of Continental motorcycle tires. In the past, my only context with Continental tires had to do with London motorcycle messengers choosing them because they wear like iron. However, I was given reassurance such as “they are one of the top selling tires in Europe ” and “They are rumored ...
  • Triumph SPeed Triple 955i Race Track Test Review

    Triumph Speed Triple 955i Review

    After one full year of ownership, and 13,000 miles, I feel like I can finally give a fair and complete review of the Triumph Speed Triple. In late 2003, a fellow MSF instructor picked up a used 2000 S3. Knowing that I’ve always loved the look of the bike, goofy dual headlights and all — I always thought it looked ...