DSSales Tool44 Ducati Crankshaft Turning Tool


Adjusting valves on your Ducati may not be for everyone, but if you take this task on there are a few things that will make the job a lot easier. A top quality set of feeler gauges is a must, but a tool to turn the engine over, setting it to top dead center makes it a lot easier.

Sure, you can do it the rudimentary way, take the spark plugs out, put the engine in sixth gear, and turn the wheel. But the problem with this method is you cannot see the timing marks, so it’s really easy to overshoot.

So, we have another great tool from Dennis Stubblefield Sales. Tool 44, a Crankshaft Turning tool. How’s it work? Well, remove this cover in the generator cover …. Then remove this bolt in order to be able to see the timing marks.

Insert the tool, being sure to align the pins, then snug down this bolt to hold it in place.

Now, with the spark plugs removed, and the transmission in neutral, rotate the tool counter-clockwise in order to find top dead center of the piston you are working on.

With the piston at Top Dead Center, the valves are closed so you can measure the valve lash to see if your valves need to be adjusted.

So, why choose this tool? Well, not only is it top quality, made in America, not China, but most crankshaft turning tools require you to use a wrench in addition to the tool to turn the crank. The DSS Tool has integrated handles, so while it may take up a smidgen more space in your toolbox, turning the crank with the handles is so much easier.

And the time saved from turning the tire, checking for Top Dead Center, turning the tire, checking again makes the very reasonable price of this tool well worth it.

Dennis Stubblefield Sales (DSS) or DS Sales Tool #44 Dual Head Chain Adjustment Wrench fits virtually every Ducati.


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