• Continental Sport Attack Z1000 Mountain Road Canyon

    Continental Sport Attack Tire Review

    We’ve never tried to hide the fact that we believe the Continental Road Attacks to be the best road tire on the market today, so when Conti released the Sport Attack in the spring of 2006 we were anxious to get our hands on a set. We must not have been the only ones amped to give them a run, ...
  • Triumph Speed Triple Michelin Pilot Power Racetrack

    Michelin Pilot Power Motorcycle Tire Review

    I was serving overseas when the move Twister, starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton came to theaters and as I prepared to come home it was the movie everyone was talking about.  “amazing special effects” and “compelling characters” and “engrossing plot-line” were all used to describe the film.  I couldn’t wait!  I wasn’t back in the U.S. of A. for ...
  • Army Green SV650 Dunlop Sportmax Tire

    Dunlop Qualifier Hypersport Motorcycle Tire Review

    The Dunlop Qualifier was never really on my list of tires to have. I’ve run several Dunlop sport tires of yesteryear and never really felt much love for them. I always felt like the profile was too tippy and the wear too rapid and the front tire too prone to cupping to really fall in love with the Dunlop. And ...
  • Continental Road Attack Tire Test

    Continental Road Attack Sport Touring Tire Test

    I must admit a level of trepidation over testing a set of Continental motorcycle tires. In the past, my only context with Continental tires had to do with London motorcycle messengers choosing them because they wear like iron. However, I was given reassurance such as “they are one of the top selling tires in Europe ” and “They are rumored ...