• Ducati Multistrada Riding over a mountain in the snow

    Memorial Day 2008

    The list of riders for the 2008 Memorial Day ride was potentially going to be a world-CanyonChasers-record! But stuff comes up, we understand that, but quite a few just got scared away by the potential for bad weather. However, a select few proved themselves to be “Unstoppable” and did the ride in its entirety! To them, we give great credit! ...
  • Motorcycle Loaded with Luggage

    Motorcycle Packing List

    We’ve been asked so many times, “what should I pack?” that we finally decided to put something on the website. This list is intended to cover a rider for about three to five days on the road. Longer rides require appropriate adjustments in clothing etc (or plans to stop and do laundry). This list has also been created with over ...
  • Motorcycles Avenue of the Giants Redwoods

    Central and Northern California | September 2001

    Our first venture into the wilds of California This trip has been in the planning for a long time. We first thought it up over two years ago in a Seattle airport after Danny, Loretta, Kris and myself drove up the coast in a rented Chevy Blazer. The decision to come back and make this trip came the same day ...
  • World Superbike 2001

    World Superbike 2001

    My First World Class Race Event This was going to be a different sort of trip for us. We knew before we even started. Not only were we just tagging along on somebody else’s ride, but we were tagging along with some of the old-hat MSF instructors. Including the chief instructor for Utahs MSF program, our boss Dale. Also different ...
  • Gummy Worms or Tar Snakes

    The First Memorial Day Adventure

    The Only Time We’ve Ever Had Perfect Weather Some of the precursors to the trip were fantastic. First, Loretta flew in from New Jersey to spend her Memorial Day with us. She had landed on Thursday afternoon. I had taken the day off work and as soon as Kris got home, we decided to go shopping for a wedding dress ...
  • Canyonchasers motorcycle road trip canada

    Northern Canadian Rockies | August 2000

    The Trip That Started It All Our Canada adventure was our first trip on our new sport bikes (and the first iteration of the modern “CanyonChasers Motorcycle Sport Touring” as you see it today). We were unsure how these new bikes would handle such a long journey. And the week prior to our departure was spent desperately searching out the ...