How to Load and Tie Down a Motorcycle


Over the years, we’ve seen people tie down their motorcycles in the craziest ways imaginable using tie-down straps that looked like relics from Great Depression. We decided to take some time and dedicate it to the proper way to tie-down and load a motorcycle into a truck or a trailer including the importance of using the correct tie-down strap.

We strongly encourage the use of a traditional, motorcycle-specific, cam-lock or friction style tie-down strap. Ratchet-style straps are not intended for motorcycle for two main reasons. First, you cannot control the release of the strap. Ratchet straps release all of their tension at once. Also, people tend to tie down motorcycle far too tightly when using a ratchet strap.

Ever major manufacturer ships bikes with cam-lock straps and every race team (AMA, WSBK and even MotoGP) uses Cam-lock straps.

The Products We Use

Without question, the best tie-downs on the market are made by Pro-Taper. They feature a carabiner-style locking clasp that swivels so the straps won’t twist. They have integrated soft-straps so you can tie-down just about every style of motorcycle. Plus, the straps are much wider than most tie-downs (1.5″ wide) and features clever Velcro straps to keep slack from coming loose and slapping around. Even if you only tow your motorcycle once in a blue-moon, you owe it to yourself and your bike to pick up a set of these.


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